I applied for a HMO Class C1 License and was denied. I was denied because nearly all of my experience in the last 5 years has been on cranes that the DOB would consider to be Class A and Class B cranes. See attached denial letter. Now let me give you a little background history. I am an Operating Engineer from NJ and have been for 33 years. I have unlimited/unrestricted crane licenses for NJ, NYS, and PA. I have a NCCCO certification with all of the endorsements (TLL, TSS, TWR, LBC, LBT, STC, BTF). I only applied for a C1 License, even though I am qualified for Class B cranes, because I am from NJ. Being from NJ, I am only "qualified" to apply for a Class C1 license, because based on the current rules, it is the only license that does not require all of the crane experience to be within the five boroughs of NYC and does not require a Class A or Class B operator to sign off for. I would even have settled for a Class A license, but once again based on the current rules, I could not apply for a Class A license because none of my experience was within the five boroughs of NYC and I did not have a Class A or Class B operator sign off for me. I provided written, signed, and notarized employment verification forms from some of the largest construction and crane companies in the USA, that work in NYC too, stating that there is no reason why Anthony should not get his crane license. Most of my experience has been in communities with very similar characteristics and population densities comparable to NYC. Operating a crane in Jersey City, Hoboken, Newark, or Camden is very similar to NYC. I do not think it is fair or just that I be denied my NYC HMO Class C1 license because I am over qualified, nor do I think it is fair or just that I be denied the opportunity to receive my Class A license when I meet all of the experience criteria except the work experience was not within the 5 boroughs of NYC, although it was in similar areas, and I did not have another operator sign off on me. I have demonstrated the practical work experience and I have all of the necessary credentials.
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Agency: DOB