Public comments for: NYC Rent Guidelines Board Proposed Guidelines 2020


I am a self employed (currently unemployed due to the COVID-19 epidemic) Broadway pianist and conductor that currently lives in a rent stabilized apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. I’m writing to ask that the proposed 0% increase be effective immediately vs. October 1st, 2020. My lease renewal is due June 1st 2020, and because I’m unemployed I was hoping you would lower the rent increases so that my rent wouldn’t go up while I’m unemployed for the foreseeable future. Broadway tentatively will re open after Labor Day, but I think that is a pipe dream. It’s frustrating that the proposition goes into effect in October! The entire city has been adversely affected by this pandemic this spring/summer, and we are in need of immediate rent relief vs. gradual. I realize that this is an unprecedented request due to the normal schedule for rent percentage increases, but these are extraordinary times! Out of the box solutions are needed to figure out how we can all live during this difficult time! Fingers crossed you’ll take this into consideration.
Agency: RGB