Public comments for: Amendment of Rules Regarding Energy Audits and Retro-Commissioning


1. Filing firms be Professional Corporations (PC, PLLC). 2. A requirement on burner modulation should be added for boilers that are switched to manual mode. 3. DOB should issue standardized Functional Performance Testing checklist for boilers, chillers, cooling towers, AHU, RTUs, Pumps etc. This will help streamline the process. 4. Table 4 should state acceptable CO2 and Excess Air requirements. 5. Define the standard for inspecting low pressure steam traps. 6. Define how light levels should be sampled? Define vertical and horizontal distance from fixture. How hsould light levels in rooms with daylighting should be measured. 7. DOB should describe how ventilation rates should be measured. Single Pitot, Anemometer, Hoods? 8. How should venatialtion rates be addressed for buildings without mechanical ventilation.
Agency: DOB