Public comments for: Amendment of Reference Standard for Flood Insurance Rate Maps


Hi I hope my comments below will make a difference in considering the new penalty schedule. I have reviewed the penalty schedule, it appear to us that these penitents are extremely high and this will make no difference how contractors will do the work, this will only make the city richer. The fact is that the penalties were raised a few times, and violations issued to respondents were tripled 5 times, if the truth is that this is being increased for contractors should be more careful then the violaitons should have been a decreased. of course the city should impose rules and educate contractors how to keep workers safe, but increasing penalties wont help a bit to accomplish this mission. thats why driving panties are the rang of $150, which in fact much more accidents happen by cars, then construction work. i can predict that the city will issue another proposal in 2 years from now and of course with explaining that this is for safety reasons only, but the fact is this is not true, and slowly the penalties are moving up and contractors are being issued with sky rocking penalties just to make the city gets richer. that how the city did the last few times. what im suggesting that all violations the city should give a cure date to correct to avid any penalties, and if compliance is not met, then a penalty should be imposed.
Agency: DOB