Public comments for: Joint Living-Work Quarters for Artists Rule Amendment


The Rule is not clear. What does it mean that the art form "can be considered:? 1. The statement that the production of work may not be "solely on a commercial, industrial, functional, or work-for-hire basis" suggests that the fine artist should not be able to get work through her art. What about a graphic artist? 2. All artwork engages aesthetic judgments. It is unclear what you are trying to exclude from this category. 3. Many artists must have a paying job to support their fine art. This definition is skewed to already successful artists, not new artists, young or old. If NYC is going to persist in having areas zoned only for JLWQA, then DCA needs to enable more people to qualify as artists, not limit them. Alternately, DCP should eliminate the zoning restriction and allow residential use.
Agency: DCLA