Public comments for: Publicly Accessible Collection Bins


On behalf of USAgain, I would like to thank the City Council for all its efforts adopting the local law regulating publicly accessible collection bins and the New York Department of Sanitation’s work on the proposed rules. USAgain, a for-profit clothing collection bin operator in New York City, understands that a city such as New York must balance the interests and concerns of the community, while promoting the best practices for collection bin operators. As such USAgain supports these proposed rules, but requests some clarifications. First, we request clarification on the term “owner’s designated agent.” Does this term broadly include the authorized local agent at the private property where the bin may be placed? Second, we request clarity around what it means to “maintain the bin in a clean and neat condition.” We understand that we need to maintain the aesthetic appearance of our bins and prevent overflow; however, will operators be given a time frame to respond to and remedy any issues before a penalty is assessed? Overall, we believe that these rules are reasonable and equitable, but we request clarification on the above items. Thank you.
Agency: DSNY