Public comments for: DOT Amendment of Traffic Rules Governing Speed LImit


The proposed amendment of 34 RCNY 4-06(a)(1) should be expanded to address the matter of sufficiency of regulatory sign placement for purposes of speed enforcement and maintaining peace on our roads. This is now the case with regulatory sign placement bearing on stopping, standing, and parking, under 34 RCNY 4-08(a)(1)(i), which rule provides a generally reasonable standard of public notice of solidly enforceable regulations. A similar standard is appropriate for speed regulation, especially on and at roadways, access roads and ways, and intersections that link highways and broad thoroughfares with local streets, where speed limit transitions are most likely to occur, but not necessarily to 25 miles per hour. Drivers should be duly advised of speed limits on local streets so accessed, not only to deter excessive speed and to facilitate effective enforcement, but to deter traffic congestion, tailgating, and hasty or illegal passing where actual speed limits may be above 25 miles per hour, but the lack of strategically placed signage denies drivers generally reasonable notice upon entering the local trafic flow.
Agency: DOT